Monday, September 29, 2014

9/29/14 Classwork and Homework

Homework:  Quizlet Cards Spanish>English 1.2
In class:  re-read pp 65, 68 and 74

Rules Test Information

Friday, September 26, 2014

9-26-14 In class

 Substitute:  ***Please let ALL classes know that there will be a TEST on the Classroom Rules on Monday, September 29th - It will be multiple choice, true/false, and "fill in the blank."***

Periods 2, 3, 5 & 6:
Students are to read pages 54-57.  They also need to read #15 on Page 68, and the entire page 74.  When they are done they can do work from other classes.  The information from p. 68 and 74 will be on Monday's RULES TEST.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

9-25-14 Classwork

Periods 2 & 3:  Able to take a make-up quiz today to substitute for a 1.1 vocab quiz, grammar quiz or both.  All students were expected to complete the assignment without asking any clarifying questions.

Period 5 & 6:  Video 1.2, PowerPoint on A1 1.2, Wrote about 3 friends in English.

Packet 1.2: 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

9-24-14 Today in Class

Today in class we took our A1 1.1 Test.

Tomorrow students will have an opportunity to retake vocabulary quiz 1.1 and grammar quiz 1.1.   Format will be different than last quiz.  Students will receive the higher of the grades. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Tomorrow is our 1.1 test!  no formal homework, but finish Quia if you haven't done it.  if you want help studying go to and do the @hometutor for 1.1

today in class we prepared for test

link to yesterday's game:  

Monday, September 22, 2014

9-22-14 Tarea y Classwork

Homework:  Quia Quiz -

username:  firstnameLastname463
password:  small ID #

in class - Juego - Board Game 1.1 Review

Wednesday Test Overview

Friday, September 19, 2014


Talk like a pirate day

Quiz:  ser and personal pronouns

Thursday, September 18, 2014

9-18-14 - Tarea y en clase

Tarea hoy:  Study for tomorrow's quiz on SER and pronouns -

En clase:

Period 2: Submit GAFE form by tomorrow, 9/19/14

Today's work

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sunday, September 14, 2014

9-16-14 Homework & Classwork

Yesterday's SUB Work:

Periods 2, 3, 5 and 6: Spanish 1
Vocabulary Quiz is tomorrow. Be able to write out all vocabulary words for vocab. quiz. Students do Apuntes p. 7, p. 11, and p. 12. - Do not collect this work.

Friday, September 12, 2014

9-12-14 in Class and Homework

In class:

9-12-14 Things we did in class

HW:  Study vocabulary cards and all vocabulary for the 9/16/14 vocabulary quiz

Remember, 9/15 (Monday is a LATE START)

Remember that the "Spanish High" is a natural high of endorphins.  Drug and alcohol highs are not the kind of risks one should take.  The "Spanish High" is just like being high on running, swimming, eating ice cream and smiling.

We made vocabulary cards for the 9 personal pronouns (we did not make a card for vosotros/as)


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Homework for 9/10/12 - top 3 activities for 10 minutes - Log In!  username is firstlast463.   password is your SMALL ID #.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

9/9/14 in Class

for 9/9/14:  Homework:  10 minutes of Quizlet (logged in).  Study for 9/16/14 Vocabulary Quiz.

In class:

  • Discussed:  Meet in class tomorrow.  Then go directly to library.  Sit on west side of library.   
  • We drew 4-6 new vocabulary words and then scanned them.
  • We finished page 2 of our new Unit 1.1 Packet.
  • We studied Quizlet for 10 minutes in class.
  • We discussed using Pixlr tomorrow in Library.  

Past Spanish Assignments

Past Assignments

All past assignments available at:

Today in class we went over the quiz results and the test.  We also talked about things that we like. 


Today in class, 9/5/14!
1)  New Quizlet cards!
2)  Intro to 1.1 p. 28 Video:
3)  What do you like to do?


Hoy, 4 de septiembre (9/4/14)
-Test LP
- Intro Video for 1.1



Homework due 9/3/14:  
  • Quia - log in and finish one activity
    Period 2
    Period 3
    Period 5
    Period 6
  • Study for tomorrow's quiz on numbers 0-10, the weather and the days of the week.  
  • Study for Thursday's Test on Greetings, Saying Goodbye, Making Introductions, Days of the Week, Phone Numbers, Describing the Weather and Saying Where You Are From.  
In class Tuesday, 9/2/14:  


QUIZ Wednesday, September 3rd:  Numbers, Days of Week and Weather

TEST Thursday, September 4th: Everything in your Apuntes. On whole Lección Preliminar.


jueves, 28 de agosto:
HOMEWORK:  20 Minutes of Quizlet - LOG IN  & do the Learn and Speller or the Games

In English:
4 days of the week are named after Viking (Norse) gods. Tuesday is named after Tyr, the god of war, Wednesday is named after Woden, Thursday is named after Thor, and Friday is named after Frigga, the goddess of marriage (and Woden's wife). (from

Celsius and Fahrenheit

Weather Videos
A different hairstyle per day of the week!

(Los días de la semana)
Days of the week – snap, snap
Days of the week – snap, snap
Days of the week, Days of the week, Days of the week – snap, snap
There's lunes and there's martes,
miércoles y jueves,
viernes, sábado,
and then domingo.


Due TOMORROW, 8/28/14 - Syllabus SIGNED by Parent/Guardian and returned in class for points.  After that you still have to get it signed no matter what, but no points.  Extenuating circumstances?  Parent note or email. 
2)  Questions?
3)  Days of the week song (attached)


1)  Gritos del tiempo
  • 1 point for pronunciation and loud volume
  • 1 point for words and movements in unison among group
  • 1 point for energy
Group 1:  hace sol (by library)
Group 2:  hace viento (by cafeteria)
Group 3:  hace frío (northeast side of quad tables)
Group 4:  hace calor (west side of quad tables)
Group 5 llueve (tables on east side of quad)
Group 6:  nieva (top of theatron by lockers) 
2) Weather - el tiempo -  weather videos: 
Make sure to click on "SUBMIT"
Syllabus is attached, but we will not go over it until tomorrow. 


  • Return Cubos del clima (weather cubes)
  • Review quiz
  • Periods 3, 5, 6
Make sure to click on "SUBMIT"
Syllabus is attached, but we will not go over it until it comes back from printer.  


Tarea:  Enjoy weekend.  Enjoy Monday's late start.  Zero period begins at 9am.  First Period begins at 9:46am
Today in class:
-Quiz scores will be learned over the weekend and we will review the answers on Monday.  (Some absent students will make up the quiz today).
- The weather
-Weather cubes!  (attached)


Homework due 8/22/14:  Recite numbers zero through 10 fifteen times this evening.  
Today in class:


Quiz is tomorrow, 8/21/14
Tonight's homework:  10 minutes of study on Quizlet
(There are Quizlet apps for Android, iOS and Kindle)
Plus study for tomorrow’s quiz:
  • Word bank - fill in blanks of conversation
  • Write appropriate greeting or good-bye
  • ¿Cómo estás (tú)? or ¿Cómo está Ud.?
  • Tell where people are from. Ask where your partner is from.
  • Label the map of Central America from word bank
  • Remember, "My Grandpa Eats Hot Not Cold Pizza." 
You will write in Spanish on the quiz!

If you still need to sign up for Quizlet, use these links:

If you are in 2nd Period, use this link:
If you are in 3rd Period, use this link:
If you are in 5th Period, use this link:
If you are in 6th Period, use this link:


Homework:  Study for Thursday's Quiz
Substitute:  Please tell students that their quiz will not be tomorrow. Now it is on Thursday. Students need to write their vocabulary words 3x in Spanish and one time in English. Please collect all work. 


my_grandpa_eats_hot_not_cold_pizza.jpgcomo se escribe tu nombre.jpgmap_central_america1.jpggreetings_tu_or_Ud.jpg
Homework:  Study for Quiz Wednesday, 8-20-14:
Greetings, intros, What's your name?, Where are you
from? plus map of Central America
 From Packet pp. 3, 4, & 6, and 10
1)Spell Your Name using Spanish letters
3)  How to ask "how are you?"  Tú or Ud.?
4)  My Grandpa Eats Hot Not Cold Pizza - write on page 6
6) Write map on page 10 of notes - map 
7)  PowerPoint - ¿De dónde eres? (Where are you from?)
8)  Spanish BOOK p. 12-15


Homework:  Practice Spelling Your Name in SPANISH
New Seats Monday!
Today's Classwork:


Homework due 8/15/14:
Write/draw (or generate) a six line comic of two students greeting each other in Spanish.  They will address each other as “tú.” (Not Ud.)  Stick figures are okay but make it neat.
Corrections/Clarification from yesterday's discussion of American History:
Greetings and Introductions (Packet attached)


Due 8/14/14:
Tarea (homework) para hoy (today):  
Sign up for Quizlet - make sure the username you create is school appropriate.

If you are in 2nd Period, use this link:
If you are in 3rd Period, use this link:
If you are in 5th Period, use this link:
If you are in 6th Period, use this link:

Then study the flashcards for 10 minutes.  


Homework:  Think about the concept of two ways to say "you."  
Tú (informal)  and Ud. (usted)  - formal
Class group project and individual student advisement in class today.
Group # and Animal
Names of each group member
Picture of group animal
Four good reasons for studying Spanish
Picture of each person in the group (hand-drawn by each person)
Favorite colors
Favorite movies
Four things your group members have in common

Someone will be taking your picture.  Your whole group will go in front of black bulletin board.  Each person puts their name plate under their face J

Person A:  Pick up Yellow Poster sheets and return at end. 
Person B:  Make sure each group member is respectful
Person C: Collect markers & name tags at end of group work
Person D:  Make sure everyone is participating


1)  Practice calling yourself YO.
2)  Be prepared to participate and respect all.
3)  Think of one good reason why one would want to learn Spanish. 
Hoy en la clase de español (PPT):
Troy Special Days Google Calendar:
One Semester of Spanish Spanish Love Song:
Lección Preliminar Greetings MyBigCampus Bundle: