Wednesday, October 22, 2014

10-22-14 Work

22-10-14: TYPING SPANISH ACCENTS 1) Open this form in a new tab: 2) Vocabulary Practice 2.1 for tomorrow's 2.1 vocabulary quiz: Log into Quia and play for 5 minutes 3) Numbers 1-100 in Spanish: Log into Quia, then play and then play 4) Telling Time in Spanish: Watch this video: 5) Now play this Time game: 6) Now play this TIME game: Change the time EIGHT times and press START EIGHT times: 7) Now score 20 POINTS to win this game: 8) Now look at the verb TENER: Watch this video: 9) Now listen to this amazing song: 10) Now go back to Quia and play the Rags to Riches TENER game: 11) Practice Quizlet SPELLER for tomorrow's 2.1 Vocabulary Quiz: